She’s Alive

Heesen Yachts launches its first Hull Vane-equipped megayacht.

October 2, 2014

Heesen motoryacht Alive

Alive is the Dutch builder’s first yacht to have an underwater foil (called Hull Vane). Courtesy Heesen Yachts

Heesen Yachts has launched the 139-foot Alive, the Dutch builder’s first to have an underwater foil (called Hull Vane). Delivery to the owners is on target for October 31.

Alive represents a “dramatic advancement” in performance, according to Heesen. The subsea wing harnesses waves to produce power, which, combined with the yacht’s fast-displacement hull and diesel engines, reportedly make Alive more efficient than any other yacht her size. The hydrodymanic experts at Wolfson Unit for Marine say the yacht requires 35 percent less power than other yachts to produce a top speed of nearly 16 knots, Heesen says.

When the hull encounters waves of about 3 to 7 feet (which would hinder performance in most yachts), the technology built into Alive converts the movement into 20 percent more thrust — along with a 40-percent reduction in pitching motion. The yacht operates like an aircraft, with the wing producing lift as the vessel moves through the water.


Range is 4,000 miles, more than 750 of which come “free of charge,” as Heesen puts it, thanks to the reduced fuel consumption the hull affords.

Frank Laupman of Omega Architects handled interior and exterior design. The yacht accommodates 12 guests.

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