Sail Like the America’s Cup Yachtsmen

Philippe Briand unveils 21-foot Flyacht Concept—with foils.

Philippe Briand's Flyacht monohull concept is based on the America’s Cup AC75 hydrofoiling yachts.Philippe Briand

Philippe Briand, one of the best-known names in sailing yacht design, has unveiled the 21-foot Flyacht.

Flyacht is a monohull concept based on the AC75 hydrofoiling yachts that America’s Cup sailors race. The design is intended for a crew of two, can self-right in the event of capsizing and will be able to tack and gybe on the foils.

“I like to be on the edge as a sailboat designer,” Briand stated in a press release. “Our role is to transfer the benefits of innovations from the racing sector to the wider market at reasonable cost. I want to introduce the millennium generation to how much fun and excitement can be had from sailing.”

A two-man crew can self-right the vessel in the event of capsizing. Crews can tack and gybe on the foils.Philippe Briand

How fast does the Flyacht need to go to foil? Briand is predicting "takeoff speed" at around 10 knots of true wind speed.