Rutherford Resupplied

Matt Rutherford receives supplies off the coast of Brazil as he completes the final stretch of his solo sail around the Americas.

March 7, 2012

Matt Rutherford, who is sailing a 27-foot Albin Vega solo around the Americas to raise money for Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating (CRAB), completed an emergency resupply two miles off the coast of Recife, Brazil on Feb 29.

Matt Rutherford Resupply 4

Rutherford shared the experience in his blog:
I sat there hove-to thinking that not far away there was a beach full of beautiful Brazilian girls and here I am stuck on this little boat drifting around. I didn’t drift for long before I saw Marcos approaching in a large inflatable. There was a good 3-5 foot swell so it was a great idea to use a forgiving inflatable instead of a hard sided vessel. The whole thing was very quick, in less than ten minutes they were gone and I was heading back out to sea. I got a handheld VHF because sailing without a working VHF is ridiculous, that’s just safety 101. I got same underwater putty to fix my leaky transducer (I’ll do that later today and let you know if it worked). I got two small solar panels that are 15 watts each (about 2 amps total). It doesn’t sound like much but it’s giving me the power to write this update. I also got a hand crank for the engine.

With 3,000 miles to go in this epic voyage, the supplies will hopefully get him through to the end!


Matt Rutherford Resupply 1

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Learn about donating to CRAB here.


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