Princess’s 35-foot Foil Boat

The Princess R35 can run on foils and is made of almost completely carbon fiber.

In addition to the hull, the R35’s drag-reducing foils are made of carbon fiber.Courtesy Princess Yachts

The Princess Yachts R35 has quite the pedigree, including America’s Cup ­builder Ben Ainslie Racing and Ferrari designer Pininfarina. Together, the three companies created a carbon-fiber dayboat with sports-­carlike lines, a boat that can run on foils and top out around 50 knots. Power is twin 430 hp Volvo Penta V-8 gasoline engines.

For ­resting after a run, there is U-shaped ­seating belowdecks that converts to a double berth. There’s also a single wet head and a galley with a sink and a two-burner cooktop for simple meal prep.   Whom It’s For: The Princess R35 is for the performance enthusiast with an eye for the modern and who is an early adopter of new ­technologies.

Picture  This: The calm blue sea ahead is reminiscent of an ­empty Autobahn on an early Sunday morning. But this morning won’t stay quiet for long. You’re about to spool up those V-8 engines, engage the foils and see what the Princess R35 can do. But first, you may want to take that hat off.

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