A Primo Powercat

JFA Yachts and Peugeot Design Lab push the design envelope with this 115-foot concept.

JFA Yachts 115 powercatamaran concept

JFA Yachts 115 powercatamaran concept

JFA Yachts in France, working in conjunction with Peugeot Design Lab, has released early renderings of a 115-foot powercatamaran concept design.

Their idea is to achieve new design trends not only in the marine marketplace but in general design overall, while continuing to help boaters enjoy the traditional benefits of catamarans, such as large guest spaces, a high level of stability, low draft and fuel-efficient cruising.

JFA Yachts brings experience in the catamaran marketplace to the project, while Peugeot Design Lab created the sporty look. Design features include a sky dome on the upper deck, large expanses of glass on both sides of the main deck and extensive use of glass aft.

The team also has developed plans for a 21-foot tender that fits between the catamaran’s hulls.

Follow the concept project at www.jfa-yachts.com or www.peugeotdesignlab.com.