Portable AIS in a Smartwatch App

The deckWatch app puts AIS functionality into smartwatches.

Vesper Marine has released the deckWatch smartwatch app.Courtesy Vesper Marine

Vesper Marine has released the deckWatch smartwatch app, which brings the company's smartAIS functionality (already available for smartphones and tablets) to individual smartwatches.

“Vesper Marine’s deckWatch is built specifically for Android Wear 2 devices that run standalone apps without needing to be paired to an iOS or Android smartphone,” Jeff Robbins, CEO of Vesper Marine, stated in a press release. “With deckWatch, there is no need to go to the nav station or, in rough sea conditions, carry a smartphone or tablet. When you hear an audible alarm from a WatchMate Vision or XB-8000 smartAIS, you can glance at your watch to instantly see the alert and react right away.”

If a collision alarm triggers, boaters can look at their smartwatch and see the bearing and distance of the collision-risk vessel. An anchor watch feature lets users tap the smartwatch to mark the location where the anchor is dropped, and monitor for dragging. In man overboard situations, a smartphone alert appears with continuously updated bearing and range to the person in the water.

Also shown on the deckWatch app: NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 information such as depth, speed, wind speed and more.