In Pictures: 160th New York Yacht Club Annual Regatta

Yachting joins the oldest regatta in the country aboard the Turkish-built Tempus Fugit. _
By Daniel Harding, Jr._

Fog at the NYYC Annual Regatta

Conditions during day one of the New York Yacht Club (NYYC) regatta were so challenging that you sometimes didn’t see a competitor until they were right next to you.

160th New York Yacht Club Annual Regatta

Rain on day one of the 160th New York Yacht Club Annual Regatta was not enough to keep competitors off the race course.

Teak Sailboat Decks

Bare teak provided plenty of grip, which was good because Tempus Fugit‘s lifelines were removed for the race.

Arkin Pruva

Builder and owner Erbil Arkin guides the 90-foot Tempus Fugit through a fog-fenced Newport Harbor.

Crew meeting at the NYYC Annual Regatta

Tactics and assignments are discussed in a pre-race meeting.

Twelve-Meter at the NYYC Annual Regatta

The twelve-meter yacht, Heritage, glides out of the fog

Yacht Designer Rob Humphreys

Tempus Fugit‘s designer, Rob Humphreys, has a lot to smile about as his vessel soars across the water at 8 knots.

NYYC Annual Regatta

More than 150 boats of all shapes and sizes sailed over the starting line for day one of the NYYC Annual Regatta. Classic sailboat Spartan, a NY50, stood out from the crowd.

Swan 42s

The gray sails of the J/111s and Swan 42s matched the overcast skies.

Sail Trim

Sail trim was watched constantly to take advantage of every puff of wind.

Rainy Sailing

The crew didn’t let a lack of wind and an abundance of rain dampen their mood, not when there were English songs to sing and dirty jokes to tell.

Coast Guard Academy Sailors

Glory can be defined in so many different ways, as this crew from the Coast Guard Academy can attest.

NYYC Annual Regatta sailing

A competitor closes in on Tempus Fugit.

Slow sailing at the NYYC Annual Regatta

The crew knew they were in for a long race when boat speed was being measured in tenths of a knot.

Arkin Pruva of Arkin Pruva Yachts

It’s good to be the builder/owner. Erbil Arkin of Arkin Pruva Yachts enjoys a fresh cup of coffee in the companionway while waiting for the weather to change.

Twelve-Meter American Eagle

The Twelve-Meter American Eagle ghosts along into the fog.

Foggy sailing at the NYYC Annual Regatta

Skies clear and competitors appear, if only for a moment.

Sailboat winch

A winch sits idle during a period of light air.

Team Alvimedica

Volvo Ocean Race competitor Team Alvimedica joined in the fun.

Crew to leeward

With breeze this light, the crew sits to leeward to keep the sails from backwinding.

Tempus Fugit crew

The Tempus Fugit crew stayed alert to spot boats and obstructions in the fog.

Light air sailing at the NYYC Annual Regatta

An eerie quiet settles over Narragansett Bay.

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