Otam Enhances Millennium Line of Chase Boats

Otam Yachts is adding new equipment and customization to its Millennium line of chase boats.

Otam's Millennium line includes a 45, 58 Open, 58 Hardtop, 65 Hardtop, 80 Hardtop and Millennium 100.Alberto Cocchi

Otam Yachts is expanding owner options on its Millennium line of chase boats, which include a 45, 58 Open, 58 Hardtop, 65 Hardtop, 80 Hardtop and Millennium 100.

Owners can now choose Volvo Penta IPS engines and Garmin navigation systems. The 45 with IPS600s and the 58 Hardtop with IPS1200s can both be delivered within eight to 10 months of contract signing, delivering speeds faster than 35 knots, Otam says.

Owners using the Millennium boats as superyacht tenders can also customize the chase vessels to match their motherships, including entertainment systems, interior décor and other amenities. “We actually expect a growing demand for this niche of market, based on a solid number of ongoing negotiations with potential buyers,” OTAM sales and marketing director Matteo Belardinelli stated in a press release.

Millennium Models Delivered So Far: The builder has completed two 58 Hardtops as tenders to a 203-foot VSY superyacht and the 164-foot Heesen Crazy Me, along with two 45 Hardtops as chase boats for the 206-foot Benetti Lionheart.