Opacmare’s Transformer Provides Flexible Fun

This Transformer from Opacmare turns swim platforms into playgrounds.

opacmare transformer
These photos show the Transformer in various open positions. When it’s closed, the unit lies flush with a yacht’s transom.Opacmare

Opacmare originally envisioned its Transformer as an artificial private beach, allowing guests to move in and out of the water. It became much more when lifting and gangway functions were added, and when custom requests further tweaked the concept — without marring its intended look.

"When it's closed, it's perfectly flush with the transom," says ­Cristina Moisa, Opacmare's sales and marketing executive. "Nobody would guess there's a mechanical system hidden below."

That system lifts the movable platform in a yacht’s transom up and out, or up, out and down into the water.

The biggest design hurdle was rotating the platform through 360 degrees and supporting all of the ­Transformer’s design functionality. At the time, Moisa says, that kind of actuator didn’t exist, so Opacmare partnered with a German supplier.

opacmare transformer
(Clockwise from top left) In its raised position, the Opacmare Transformer can serve as a diving platform; Positioned at water level, the Transformer becomes a “teak beach” off the stern; The fully lowered Transformer is an aide to snorkelers and swimmers returning to the yacht.Opacmare

Today, each Transformer-series model offers different specifications and options. “One customer [requested] a Transformer that could move his Bentley from the dock to the boat’s garage,” Moisa says. “It somehow improves the relationship between the boat and its users.”

While early-generation Transformer platforms were semicustom and designed for globe-girdling superyachts, the Italian company now has Transformer platforms for yachts of all lengths and styles that can be installed during new builds or refits.