North Rip 21: Piscatorial Pursuer

The North Rip 21 goes all in on the angling experience, and the builder wouldn’t have it any other way.

North Rip 21, Sport-Fishing Boat
With a standard 150 hp four-stroke outboard, the North Rip 21 has a reported top hop of 40 knots.Billy Black

Some boats are multi-use, but the North Rip 21 is a purpose-built, fish-chasing tender for yachtsmen who want to catch dinner. The boat is even named for an angling hot spot off Block Island, Rhode Island. The North Rip 21’s infused fiberglass hull is most definitely rugged. Structural foam core and Kevlar E-glass laminate help make a strong, yet lightweight structure. An enclosed transom with a livewell keeps baits frisky. Three fish boxes total 220 gallons of catch-keeping space. A four-stroke outboard up to 200 hp is bracket-mounted. Fish fights are made easier with 360-degree walk-around room.

  WHOM IT'S FOR: Angling enthusiasts who appreciate a straightforward center console, and who want to keep the mothership free of bait and fish, unless it's plated with brown rice and a salad.

PICTURE THIS: The sun rises and menhaden leap about as a school of striped bass crash on their prey. The bass are unaware of your presence, and the undeniable fact that the hunters are about to become the hunted. It's time to call the big boat. Lunch is on its way.