‘No One Will Know We Were There’

Lyman-Morse cuts out 4-by-8-foot chunks of aluminum hull plate to repair 1970 build.

Never let it be said that an old dog can’t be made new again.

Hound, a 60-foot Abeking & Rasmussen that launched in 1970, recently pulled into the Lyman-Morse yard in Maine to have her aluminum hull plates repaired. In order to get to the problem spots, the yard's workers first had to remove all the salon furniture (tables, settees, bookshelves — everything). Then they removed 4-by-8-foot sections on both the port and starboard sides of the aluminum hull, replacing them with new plates.

"With surgeon-like precision," the yard reports, "we faired them to the hull, then primed and painted the surface to a finish that no one will know we were there."
Hmmmm. Makes us wonder where else the guys at Lyman-Morse have been lately…

Hound is now heading back to the Caribbean for another season of cruising. Learn more about what the Lyman-Morse team is up to at www.lymanmorse.com.