New Yachts: Gulfstream 52

The Gulfstream 52 boasts big outboard power and 70-knot speed.

Gulfstream collaborated with Setzer Yacht Architects and Michael Peters Yacht Design to create this 52-foot center console.Gulfstream Yachts

Toward the end of the Palm Beach International Boat Show this spring, I found myself walking the docks, snapping pictures and shaking hands when I turned a corner and came face to face with an outboard-powered behemoth. It was Gulfstream Yachts’ 52-foot center console, painted dark gray, with four 627 hp Seven Marine motors strapped to the transom.

I ogled the boat for a while and moved on, bumping into an old friend shortly afterward. She asked what had caught my interest at the show. I thought for a moment, and my mind wandered back to the Gulfstream, with her razor’s-edge sheer line creating an undeniable presence.

But before I could speak, my friend smiled knowingly and answered her own question: “Have you seen that Gulfstream 52 yet?”

Whom It's For: With both ­cruising and fishing layout options, as well as a blistering top speed of 70 knots, the 52 is a serious tender for any mega-yacht owner with a flare for the dramatic.

Picture This: You're at your dock in Miami and get a hankering for some conch ceviche. You glance at your watch and note that it's noon. Then you smile looking at your Gulfstream Yachts 52. You'll be in Bimini in less than an hour.