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New Two-wire Lighting Range Makes for Easy LED System Refits

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May 1, 2018
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Beyond significantly lowering heat output and power draw, the latest generation of LEDs also come with a wide range of trim ring profiles and color combinations. Boat builders include LEDs as standard equipment, and a growing number of do-it-yourselfers are retrofitting older halogen or incandescent fixtures with the latest generation LED fixtures.

Ten years ago, most people didn’t want to make an investment in LED lights. Today, we all recognize the benefits of LED lighting and see LED fixture technology as another piece of boating electronics.

IMTRA’s latest LED fixtures are designed to fit over many existing legacy lighting hole sizes, so the transition to upgrade to the new lights requires no cosmetic touch-ups. These new fixtures are fully sealed and use the highest quality components to ensure longevity in products that are backed with a 5-year warranty.


The new, low-profile Wave and Blade models offer a round design, sitting almost flat against the headliner. The Carve and Surf models reflect a square profile with the Surf showing a layered face to give a sense of dimension.

imtra 2-wire lights
Imtra’s new 2-wire lights. Imtra

All four new lights have integrated, current-controlled drive circuitry, with spring mounting that requires no screws. For screw-mount installations, the Tide, Pool, Ripple and Current models are available. The new models operate safely from 10-40VDC and are compatible with IMTRA’s new single- and dual-channel PowerLED Controllers.

Imtra’s single and dual channel dimmers
Imtra’s single and dual channel dimmers. Imtra

These new LED fixtures offer bi-color dimming control with a single switch. The lights are available in a variety of finishes and materials with custom finishes available on request.

Kelvin Scale
Kelvin Scale. Imtra

Three single-color choices: warm white, cool white and neutral white, are designed for specific areas of a boat. Color temperature has been carefully selected to bring out the best features of fabrics, skin tones and wood grains. Many boaters prefer warm white for interiors and cool or neutral white for exterior lighting. With these lights, IMTRA has also expanded bi-colors to give owners more choices. The bi-colors include the three primary white shades that can be paired with either red or blue, depending on the application.

The impact of installing new LED fixtures is immediate, often making it look like the boat has gone through a complete refit. Most boat owners enjoy the benefit of lights that are significantly cooler to the touch than their old halogens and reduce the load on their generator and air-conditioning systems.

For more information on Imtra’s 2-wire LED light range click here, or go to for all Imtra has to offer.


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