Design: Anaconda

Check out renderings of Juan Ortiz Rincon's new design, the 541-foot Anaconda.

What 23-year-old Juan Ortiz Rincon lacks in design experience, he makes up for in fresh ideas. An industrial-design student from the University of Buenos Aires, Rincon entered himself in a competition in which participants were tasked with designing a “new yacht for world cruising and exploration that should not have the commercial styling of an explorer yacht.”
The hypothetical client for this contest was a collector of sports cars. Besting numerous other competitors, Rincon was named a finalist for his renderings of the 541-foot Anaconda.
Reflecting the client’s passion for sporty four-wheel vehicles, Rincon moved the superstructure to the aft third of the craft, allowing for almost 200 feet of ­expansive foredeck space and thus a sizable Jacuzzi tub, several seating options and a massive sun-pad section.
Fold-out ­balconies to port and starboard provide an escape from the onboard party and probably the best views of the ocean from anywhere aboard. Some intriguing exterior shapes running along her length resemble scales (like snakeskin, ­perhaps?) and are actually tinted windows that flood the full-beam master suite with light and create a sense of connection to the environment.
Reinforcing that theme are skylights and a large glass wall aft. The en suite is also designed for a clever inside-outside Jacuzzi tub.