The Mythic Speed of the Technohull seaDNA999G5

This boat can hit velocities that would make Poseidon blink.

The knifelike Technohull has a 9-foot-3-inch beam and a blistering cruising speed of 70 knots. Technohull

In the pantheon of Greek gods, Hermes was said to be the most fleet — so fast that he could easily transcend boundaries. But nobody ever clocked him, unlike the seaDNA999G5 from Greek builder Technohull. It’s a boat that can hit a scorching 78 knots with the throttles wide open on its optional twin 400 hp outboards. To help the skipper and guests handle those speeds, the RIB has a wave-carving, deep-V hull and shock-absorbing seats. And three layouts are available.

Whom it’s for: Formula 1 drivers on a Mediterranean holiday, most likely — or anyone who feels the need, the need for speed.

Picture this: As the speedometer ticks past 75 knots, the sound emitting from the two outboard beasts behind you transmogrifies from a lion’s roar to a mosquito-ish buzz. You smile, and your cheeks billow out like Dizzy Gillespie playing the horn. The seaDNA999G5 seems to take flight. It’s all quite exhilarating. Oh, and your favorite hat? That flew off way closer to Point A than to Point B. But you wouldn’t have it any other way. You might even feel a hint of transcendence yourself.


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