A Million-Dollar Yacht Walkway

Superyacht owner builds 765-foot path to connect beachfront estate with dinghy dock.

The New Zealand Herald is reporting that a superyacht owner spent some serious cash to create an easier way to get from his waterfront estate to his superyacht.

Alexander Abramov, a partner with fellow billionaire and superyacht owner Roman Abromovich in a steel company, is said to be the owner of both the 223-foot Nobiskrug Triple Seven. Apparently, the yacht can't anchor close enough to Abramov's waterfront spread of homes and buildings in Kiwi country, so he built a 765-foot walkway to a dinghy dock where guests can take a tender out to the yacht.

The Herald says the walkway cost $1 million and was built with gravel, existing rock and cement, then sculpted by hand and with water blasters to make it look like it is entirely made of existing rock. It's the same technique that was used at Auckland Zoo.

Only no monkeying around in this case.