A Mid-Ocean Fuel Delivery

DYT Yacht Transport assists a dismasted yacht about 180 miles from landfall.

Gedimat hauled out

Gedimat is hauled out after making it to shore with the help of fuel from a yacht-transport vessel.Courtesy Facebook

The 554-foot Super Servant 4, part of the DYT Yacht Transport fleet of vessels, recently became an at-ocean fuel-delivery boat when it received a call for assistance from a dismasted sailing yacht about 180 miles west of the Portuguese island of Madeira.

Gedimat, a 32-footer, had dismasted during the Transat AG2R La Mondiale race from France to St. Barth's. The boat's diesel was empty as it limped toward Madeira, which lies some 250 miles north of the Canary Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Super Servant 4 delivered two drums of diesel by tossing them into the water while connected to a third, empty drum with a light. Gedimat's crew brought the drums aboard in 20-knot breezes and 6-foot swells.

No injuries were reported. Gedimat had been leading the fleet at the time her rig failed with about 1,900 miles still to go in the race. Instead of continuing on, the yacht proceeded to Madeira at a slow speed of 5 knots and ultimately will go onward to Portugal to meet a carrier for repairs.

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