Meet Sarco

Timur Bozca has come out with a luxury-yacht concept based on... a reptile?

Sarco, Bozca Design
A crocodilian-inspired shape, with intentionally placed lines to convey bow-to-stern, then back to bow, energy flow.Courtesy Bozca Design

Sarco, by Bozca Design, is a 62-foot luxury yacht concept. This yacht's lines are sleek and modern, similar in spirit to the designer's superyacht concept Black Swan. While Black Swan was inspired by an arrow, Sarco's inspiration is reptilian: the design came from the head of the Sarcosuchus Crocodile. She's meant to have a fastback appearance, also inspired by car design, with a "sharp front-end design and curvy rear," the designer states.

Sarco will be made of carbon fiber and power will come from twin MTU V10 2000 M94 diesels. The MTUs will reportedly propel Sarco to a top-end speed of 53 knots. Those engines will be visible through a glass cabinet aft. The cockpit has a wrap-around settee for at-sea entertaining.

Bozca Design says the overall design strives for “showing a futuristic feel along with homely comfort.”