The Sinister and Sleek ‘Black Swan’

This menacing looking superyacht allows for travel (or world domination) in style.

Timur Bozca, Black Swan, Yacht Concept
A series of triangular windows allows for light to penetrate through to the interior - a major contrast from the dark all-black exterior.Courtesy Timur Bozca

Said to be one of the most innovative designers of his generation, Timur Bozca has created a yacht concept made for the Bond villain in you.

Timur Bozca, Black Swan, Yacht Concept
To Bozca, simplicity was an important factor in making the design elegant and clean.Courtesy Timur Bozca

The young designer aimed to redefine style and luxury by creating a yacht made for a supreme travel experience. Bozca came up with the concept for Black Swan from the inspiration of an arrow, giving the superyacht dramatic angles and curves that create an aerodynamic design.

Timur Bozca, Black Swan, Yacht Concept
The design inspiration of the arrow was created for both a distinctive look and improved efficiency.Courtesy Timur Bozca

The exterior includes a helicopter platform on the top deck, an extensive beach club and a pool. For the interior, a master suite and six guest suites accommodate up to 12 guests.

Timur Bozca, Black Swan, Yacht Concept
The helicopter platform includes a concealed elevator that will bring guests to the aft deck where they can enjoy the extended beach club.Courtesy Timur Bozca

Four engines give this superyacht an impressive horsepower rating of 23,172, and allow Black Swan to reach speeds up to 28 knots. At over 200 feet long, this eye-catching vessel is sure to make a statement on the open ocean.