The Master

A thoughtful new coffee-table book explores the life and boats of C. Raymond Hunt.

February 29, 2016
C. Raymond Hunt
The cover features Hunt aboard the Concordia 41 Harrier, in a 1957 photograph. Courtesy Tilbury House

He is best known, of course, as the designer who created the deep-V hull. But you don’t get to that part of the story until about page 200 of this deeply researched book ($49) by Stan Grayson. Page after page offers anecdotes and photographs that detail not only the boats, but also the life of legendary yachtsman C. Raymond Hunt. In powerboat circles, Hunt’s legacy spans the 13-foot Boston Whaler, the historic 1960 race-winner Moppie and production powerhouse Bertram 31. Among the sailing set, Hunt was known for his deep passion not only for designing yachts, but also for taking the helm.

“Nobody who ever sailed with Ray Hunt, whether briefly or for a period of time, ever forgot the experience,” Grayson writes. And none of us on the water today can fully appreciate the man behind the designs without a look at this engrossing biography .

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A Genius at His Trade: C. Raymond Hunt and His Remarkable Boats

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