Marine Clothing: The Shoulder Season

This fall, the right threads can make you cooler than a stiff November breeze.

November 21, 2016

For many fashion plates, fall is the best season of the year. The changing temperatures let stylish yachtsmen (like you) layer their pieces, allowing for multiple looks from the same outfit. And for men in particular, the season is good because the cooler weather calls for sturdier, more masculine styles of clothing than the dog days of summer allow. Want to look good on the docks while getting the boat ready for winter? Then follow our lead with these picks from the prepster legend Vineyard Vines and the classically Scandinavian line, Swims.

Party Crew Neck Sweater and  Slim Breaker Pant
Party Crew Neck Sweater and  Slim Breaker Pant Courtesy Vineyard Vines

This rugged-looking sweater will stand up to the wear and tear of wharf-side chores, and it’s soft on the skin because it’s 10 percent cashmere (the rest is wool). The sweater has a baseball feel to it, with raglan sleeves, and after you’ve worn it enough, you just might end up calling it your own Fall Classic. Vineyard Vines, $198. Though it might seem odd to wear khaki pants when doing anything other than sitting at your desk on a casual Friday, khakis like these are actually quite versatile, not to mention tough, thanks to their military origins. (The pants were introduced into the ­British Indian Army in 1846.) They’re sharp enough to wear to the yacht club and tough enough to take a beating. Vineyard Vines, $98.50.

Portland Reversible
Portland Reversible Courtesy Swims

The ever-changing autumn weather makes layering a requirement. And what better layer than a light (and lightweight) reversible vest? The vest stows easily — always a good characteristic for anything on board a boat. The lack of sleeves means the vest won’t constrain your arms during outdoor work, but it will keep your core toasty. Swims, $125.

Boat Loafer
Boat Loafer Courtesy Swims

It’s considered dogma that every boater needs a good boat shoe. This pair from Swims won’t scuff your deck, and the color scheme gives a nod to Old Glory while adding a splash of color to your outfit. Swims, $170.

Channel Maker Jacket
Channel Maker Jacket Courtesy Vineyard Vines

If you’re going to be around the water as the temperatures dip, you’re going to need a good weather-resistant jacket. It helps if the jacket has a modern cut, like this one, to keep you looking good (and dry). Vineyard Vines, $165.

Assorted T-shirts
Assorted T-shirts Courtesy Vineyard Vines

Long-sleeve Ts are a great base layer, and Vineyard Vines uses buttery-soft cotton in its weaves. Vineyard Vines, $48.

Classic Galosh Swims
Classic Galosh Swims Courtesy Swims

Swims was founded on the back of this product, which can keep your leather dress shoes dry on a rainy day (or on a wet deck). The galoshes are traditional in their Norwegian design: minimalistic and exceptionally effective. Swims, $95.


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