The Manta5 Hydrofoiling Bicycle is Available for $7,490

The Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 bicycle has an asking price of $7,490.Manta5

Back in August, we told you to be on the lookout for U.S. sales to begin soon for the Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 bicycle.

And now, the time has come. Presales to U.S. residents just opened, with an asking price of $7,490 (slightly higher than the predicted price of $6,895 that we originally reported).

The Hydrofoiler XE-1 is designed to replicate the cycling experience, only on the water. It took seven years’ worth of prototypes and tweaking to come to fruition, and is built with three electric-assist modes: training, cruise and performance. There’s self-leveling design forward to handle light wind and chop, and the manufacturer says users can hit 13 mph on flat water.

The Hydrofoiler XE-1 is said to hit 13 mph on flat water.Manta5

Shipping of the first units is expected to start in late 2019. To reserve one of the bikes, buyers can place a 10-percent, refundable deposit now.

What yachties are saying: Company creator Guy Howard-Willis told us back in August that a yacht captain called him and said, "Every yacht owner is going to want a few of these. It's almost like an adventure cycling sport."