Luiz de Basto on the Cheoy Lee Alpha 76

Luiz de Basto answers our questions about the design process behind the Cheoy Lee Alpha 76.

January 26, 2012

cheoy lee alpha 76

Cheoy Lee Riviera

The goal of the interior styling, specs, and finish was to produce a design for production in series that would offer a level of style and luxury normally found only in custom yachts. Dennis Caprio spoke with Luiz de Basto to learn more about the design process and the relationship among members of the team.

Yachting: When did you start on this project?

De Basto: We made the preliminary drawings April 7, 2010.


Yachting: Did Cheoy Lee set the tone for the overall concept of the interior for the 76 Express?

De Basto: No, not at all. It was completely suggested by me. My idea was that because this is a very tough market — very competitive — to make [the 76 Express] the upper end of the market … so it will stand out from the others. At the same time, it’s a production-oriented design, so it can be built in series … but to look like a custom design. I did not want it to look machine-made, so I used leather, metal trim and veneers for a custom look.

Yachting: Did you have free reign in the choice of fabrics, textures, colors, furniture and accessories?


De Basto: Yes, they gave me total free reign, total freedom. Some of the materials had to be changed because availability in China was not good, but not because of interference from their side.
Yachting:** Did you work with Mike Peters in establishing the general arrangement plan?

De Basto: Michael did a preliminary arrangement plan … but the final GA is mine.

Yachting: Did you contribute to the exterior styling?


De Basto: Actually, I have a little touch. Because we have the atrium look … when you look up [from the galley/dinette area] you see the mullions on the windshield converge. Originally they were parallel to the centerline [of the yacht]. I said, “no guys, [the mullions] need to run as a continuation … of the roof. When you’re driving the boat, the mullions emphasize the perspective because they draw together as they go down. It just feels natural.

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