Kitesurfing Jump From 98-foot Mast

Nick Jacobsen takes water toy fun to new heights.

Nick Jacobsen takes water toy fun to new heights with this kitesurfing jump off of Azzam's 98-foot mast. From high above the water, Jacobsen has a bird’s eye view of the rocky coastline along Gothenburg, Sweden. As the first person to attempt to kitesurf from atop a mast, there’s an element of strategic planning mixed with apprehension. The boat rides differently when you’re almost 100 feet in the air as compared to standing on the deck. Hoisting yourself, your kite and board up the mast can be an adventure as well. Luckily, Jacobsen has all of the necessary experience to make this pioneering jump a memorable one for all of the right reasons. It’s an amazing event combing the talents of a champion kitesurfer with those of a championship-winning race team. Check out video of his amazing feat as he joins the Abu Dhabi team to prepare for the jump, and ultimately rides the wind back to the ocean's surface.