Inside the Macallan Masters Journey

This grand tour combines the distillery’s finest Scotch whiskies with a private jet and yacht charter.

The one-day tasting experience starts near Manhattan and ends in Miami. Starting price is $46,000 for 13 guests.The Macallan

As questions go, the biggest one involved with the Macallan Masters Journey is whether to open the best bottles on the private jet or save them for the chartered yacht.

For a base price of $46,000, a group of 13 guests can taste the Macallan’s ­Masters Series — including the Macallan Rare Cask, the Macallan ­Reflexion, the Macallan No. 6 and the Macallan M — while flying aboard a Monarch Air private jet from New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport to Florida. There, luxury cars are waiting for the drive to the dock in Hallandale Beach, where a Golden Yacht Charters cruise to Miami begins aboard an 80- to 116-foot Ferretti or Azimut. The entire experience takes about two to three hours by plane, and then another three or so hours by yacht, which means guests have to decide whether to open the ­premier ­bottles in flight or, say, bring along an extra bottle of the ­Macallan’s 25 for the plane and wait to taste the big boys with food pairings on the yacht.

(Clockwise from top left) For smaller groups, an 80-foot Ferretti can be the charter yacht that’s part of the experience; The Macallan partners with Monarch Air to provide private jet service; Guests can add bottles of any vintage to the experience, along with food pairings; The Macallan Rare Cask has a light, citrus-zest finish; A midafternoon arrival in Florida means stepping aboard for a sunset cruise to Miami.The Macallan

“I advise to have it waiting on the yacht,” says Raquel Raies, the national brand ambassador who conceived the experience — and who will go along as a host, for an additional fee. “You can start your tasting on the jet, but the bottles are in elite crystal, so moving them around from the jet to the yacht risks breakage. Then the yacht is waiting with the beautiful bottles, and you can have the pairings with the food, and you’ll have all day as well.”

The idea, she says, is to further enhance what is already a top-shelf tasting: “If you’ve got a yacht, it’s an elevated experience regardless. For me, drinking these expressions of the Macallan is a great memory. It makes memorable moments even more memorable.”