The Iguana Commuter is a True Amphibian

The Iguana Commuter is designed to navigate land and sea with equal ease.

The sport version’s seating transforms into a sun pad. The limo edition has six forward-facing, shock-mitigating seats.Iguana Yachts

While iguanas are classified as lizards and not amphibians, anyone who has ever seen one paddle across a South Florida canal can attest to their prowess both in the water and on terra firma. That’s why Iguana is such an appropriate name for this builder. Its 45-knot, carbon-fiber Commuter (available in limo and sport models) has tanklike treads that allow it to climb onto ­beaches and other terrain for easy disembarkation and a novel way to explore a destination.

Whom It's For: The Iguana Commuter is an ideal tender for someone who views the world just a little bit differently. She sees no real reason to delineate between earth and sea. It's all hers to discover. She's probably already dreaming up wings.

Picture This: A small but powerful shore break has stopped the other tenders off your favorite island, forcing their passengers to make a tough swim or stay aboard — a pity for them.

The Iguana cuts right through the waves (it reportedly stays dry in seas up to 4 feet) and plants her treads on the sand, pulling you and yours onto dry land. At the push of a button, a ladder extends from her transom, and just like that, the island is no longer deserted.