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GoFree downloads are now available directly to Zeus2 and Zeus2 Glass Helm MFDs.

GoFree Shop

GoFree Shop

B&G is making its GoFree wireless, cloud-enabled features available for Zeus2 and Zeus2 Glass Helm multifunction displays.

The technology lets boaters receive automatic software updates, and then download and install them directly. The displays also now provide access to the GoFree Shop, where boaters can buy, download and immediately use Insight-brand and other maps; as well as access to the crowd-sourced Insight Genesis tool for sonar mapping.

“With the addition of the GoFree cloud-enabled technology on our Zeus2 and Zeus2 Glass Helm displays, we have changed the face of electronic navigation,” Navico CEO Leif Ottosson stated in a press release. “Sailors will be able to download charts and updates, and upload sonar logs, directly to the units on their boats.”

To use the GoFree technology, boaters must install the latest free software update using a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

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