A Record-Setting Transatlantic Crossing?

The Hatteras GT63 Post One just made it across the Atlantic on her own bottom.

post one hatteras
The Hatteras 63GT, Post One, traveled 4,085 nautical miles on her own bottom.Hatteras

Hatteras Yachts is spreading the news that the Hatteras GT63 Post One just completed a transatlantic crossing — and may be the first production sportfishing yacht to do so on her own bottom.

The trick was refueling along the way, while cruising in tandem with the owner's 148-foot Cheoy Lee Dorothea III.

"Between June 19 and July 21, Post One traveled 4,085 nautical miles on her own bottom from Panama to Azores, Portugal," Capt. John Crupi stated in a press release. "During this she also fished six days in Bermuda. That is a total of 27 days underway in a 33-day time span without a single issue. That is simply amazing."

post one hatteras
The Post One crew refueled along the way with help from the owner's other yacht, a 148-foot Cheoy Lee.Hatteras

How, exactly, did they do it? The crews refueled Post One from the Cheoy Lee's diesel fuel reserves, using an adapted fuel fill on the Hatteras. Three times during the crossing, the crew transferred close to 1,500 gallons of fuel while underway.