Glass Yacht

Glass Galore: Designer Lujac Desautel's childhood inspires a yacht from the future.

June 12, 2014

Rear Steps

Creating a truly one-of-a-kind yacht design is a tall order in an industry that includes submersible ships, boats with multiple helipads and vessels shaped like islands. Lujac Desautel

Lujac Desautel

So when the renderings for a glass-walled megayacht — appropriately named Glass — started circulating a couple of months ago, many veterans were shocked to learn her creator was a 22-year-old senior at the California College of the Arts School of Architecture. Lujac Desautel

Lego Inspiration

More shocking than his age was that his inspiration came from Legos. Lujac Desautel

Artistic Touch

“The beauty of Legos is the infinite amount of possibilities that are created with just a few pieces,” says Lujac Desautel. Lujac Desautel

Indoor Pool

Glass is an evolution of this idea in an architectural form, and the ingredients create an ever-changing experience with the ocean, much like the ocean itself is ever-changing.” Lujac Desautel

Glass Yacht Living Room

Glass sports a multihull platform with three rectangular levels of superstructure. Lujac Desautel

Profile of Glass Yacht

The middle layer’s glass walls extrude beyond the beam of the hull, offering a 360-degree view of the water. The 54-foot-tall skyscraper of a structure also features an elevator, numerous living spaces, a children’s playroom with enormous Lego-shaped furniture and indoor pools. Lujac Desautel

The Designers Angle

Desautel might not look like a typical yacht designer and his concept might not look like a traditional yacht, but in a field that prizes ingenuity, he’s someone to watch. Lujac Desautel

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