Power Steering with the RemigoOne

Remigo's integrated electric outboard rudder is a space-saver.

The RemigoOne’s two-part bracket system is designed for quick installation and removal. Courtesy Remigo

The RemigoOne from Slovenia-based Remigo is an integrated electric motor-and-rudder assembly for precision steering at any prop revolutions per minute in a compact package.

It uses a 1,000-watt brushless motor for 66 pounds of thrust, which is equal to 3 hp outboard motors. Top speed is around 5 knots. The drive’s aluminum unibody has a lithium-ion battery (good for 1,085 watt-hours), drive componentry and electronics. The system’s unibody also doubles as a rudder. A two-part mounting bracket allows the RemigoOne to be easily installed and removed, and there are 10 power settings for forward and reverse. LEDs indicate the system’s charge status, and two stainless-steel push buttons govern speed and direction. A magnetic kill switch provides safety and moonlights as an ignition key.

The drive’s aluminum unibody has a lithium-ion battery, drive componentry and electronics. Courtesy Remigo

“Development of the whole unit included a lot of testing and challenges, but each prototype showed us [the way forward],” says Marko Vrtovec, Remigo’s CEO.

RemigoOne drives work with any vessel up to 23 feet length overall (3,310 pounds of displacement). More models are expected to be coming in the near future. Each RemigoOne system can be recharged using AC or DC power; recharging takes three to 12 hours.

RemigoOne drives work with any vessel up to 23 feet length overall. Courtesy Remigo

Functional Form

RemigoOne drives have a custom two-blade prop protected by skegs on the bottom of the unit’s rudder assembly. RemigoOne drives use thick layers of white powder-coating that reflects sunlight, and reflective decals help to ensure nighttime visibility. All above-water parts are certified to IP67 for water ingress, while underwater parts are certified to IP69 standards.

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