Flex  Your  Specs

Baendit frames are made of “plastic titanium” that you can customize by building a pair online.

Custom Lenses Choose your colors for the lenses, which filter UVA, UVB and UBC rays. The material is thermoplastic polycarbonate, chosen for strength and durability. Memory Polymer Frames are “plastic titanium,” meaning lightweight, impact-resistant and flexible. They’ll regain their shape even if you twist them around a boat’s rail. Limited Edition This custom, see-through box comes with the Salvatore Giuliano limited edition set of Baendit glasses. A bandana pouch is also included for everyday use.

Standing apart from the crowd used to take serious effort.

Salvatore Giuliano did it by becoming a flamboyant, Robin Hood-style bandit in 1940s Italy, where the press tracked him around Sicily as frequently as the police. His rebellious spirit is the inspiration for the limited edition set of Baendit eyewear above, with bold red temples, frames and lenses. If you like the look but not the style, Baendit makes it easy for you to stand apart — without a posse of cops chasing you — through custom components. A click-to-build program lets you choose whatever frames, lenses, temples and nose bridges you want, including interchangeable options to keep the paparazzi guessing what you'll do next. A pair (including the Giulianos) is $119. Bonus components run $50 to $69.