Fitzroy Yachts to Close

Award-winning New Zealand builder cites lack of orders following 2008 economic crash.

Fitzroy sailing yacht Ohana

The 163-foot Ohana launched in 2012 from the Fitzroy Yachts shipyard in New Zealand.Courtesy Fitzroy Yachts

Fitzroy Yachts in New Zealand, which in recent years has launched head-turning sailing yachts such as Salperton IV, Zefira and Ohana, plans to close up shop after completing its current project, a 123-foot Dubois design called FY17.

“Like a large number of our fellow yacht builders, we have felt the effects of the 2008 global financial crisis and its impact on the new build order book,” the company stated in a news release. “Following the imminent completion of our current build … a substantial reduction of employees, albeit extremely regrettable, will not be avoidable.”

Fitzroy Yachts management is currently negotiating with the owner of FY17 to receive a goodwill contribution that would support the employees until the build can be finished.

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