Green Machine

JP Ribs and Kit Carlier create an all-electric tender.

Courtesy Kit Carlier Design

Superyacht tender company JP Ribs has partnered with designer Kit Carlier Design to create an all-electric tender that's environmentally friendly and offers impressive performance.

The jet-driven vessel is projected to reach 35 knots with a one-hour range and a two-hour range at a 20-knot cruising speed. The tender will come in 20- and 27-foot versions, and will be hand-built in New Zealand.

“The tender we’ve designed is 100% electric - not a hybrid - and performs to a high level, making it a real candidate to replace diesel tenders onboard,” Carlier said in a press release.

The vessel offers virtually silent running, and without using diesel or gasoline, exhaust fumes or fuel residue will be nonexistent. This craft also recharges from the mothership, and is fully compliant with current United States emissions legislation.