This Zero-Carbon, Solar-Powered Yacht Club Is in the Works

Silent-Resorts and EcoIsland Development are building Club Ki’ama Bahamas.

Club Ki’ama
Club Ki’ama Bahamas will be a 36-acre marina-resort property on Elizabeth Island with structures built to resist Category 4 hurricanes. Courtesy Silent-Yachts

Silent-Resorts and EcoIsland Development are building Club Ki’ama Bahamas, a zero-carbon, solar-powered yacht and residence club on Elizabeth Island near Great Exuma.

According to Silent-Yachts, Club Ki’ama Bahamas will be the world’s first equity club to offer “ultra-sustainable solar residences and carbon-neutral solar yachts as a co-ownership model.”

Construction on the 36-acre property is scheduled to start in June, with design of the community, residences and facilities by Silent-Resorts CEO and founder Victor Barrett. There will be 16 four-bedroom residences and eight 60- to 80-foot yachts, in addition to eight whole-ownership residences that include a share of a Silent-Yacht.

Owners can access at least five weeks of annual vacation time, including 10 yacht days. The location will have a 2-acre marina, six private beaches and mostly undeveloped land to create a natural habitat for guests.

The introductory ownership price is $525,000.

“Club Ki’ama represents the future for sustainable residential and resort development,” Steve Dering of EcoIsland Development stated in a press release. “It’s incumbent on us to protect Elizabeth Island’s ecologically sensitive environment while thoughtfully creating comfortable spaces where our owners and their guests can enjoy the best of the Bahamas. Our equity club provides abundant owner use while consuming less land with fewer homes and adds an incredible yacht experience.”

Will these eco-friendly residences be ready for hurricane season? The developers say yes. Residences will be single-story structures designed to withstand Category 4 storms.

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