Cranchi’s New Yachts

Cranchi and designer Christian Grande develop new yacht models.

Project XT36, a trawler and sports cruiser blend, form Cranchi and Christian Grande.Courtesy Christian Grande DesignWorks

Cranchi and Christian Grande continue to put out yachts that encapsulate a certain Italian flair, while also retaining impressive seakeeping qualities and levels of onboard comfort. Cranchi is gearing up to debut its XT36 as well as a reboot of the Eco Trawler 53.

The XT36 is meant to be a blend of a classic trawler with a jaunty sports cruiser. The cockpit, which has a grill, sink and seating, plays a key role in at-sea dining and sundowners with friends. A large swim platform expands the space, creating a second entertainment area.

Also, true to the boat’s trawler roots, the XT36 will have a passageway that runs around the perimeter of the boat for safety’s sake when docking, traveling at night or having children and pets aboard. The Eco Trawler’s new design features an enhanced focus on the boat’s interior, utilizing wood, leather and glass. Look for these two vessels to make waves in the very near future.

Project XT36's main deck is enclosed by a windscreen and her lower deck can have 2 or 3 staterooms.Courtesy Christian Grande DesignWorks