Common Thread

Azimut owners share their passion for the sea at a MarineMax rendezvous.

MarineMax Rendezvous, Azimut
Azimut owner Miguel Perrotti is one of 208 owners and guests who enjoyed a weekend of fun in the sun and yacht hopping.Kelley Barry

Marinemax has a knack for turning unrelated boat owners into family. “This is my second Azimut, and I’ve already made so many good friends in this family,” says Miguel Perrotti, a Brazilian-American investor who lives in Miami. His Azimut 50, named Victory for his son Victor, replaced an earlier Azimut 54. “Whether we’re cruising on Biscayne Bay or enjoying cocktails dockside,” he says, “I love this boating lifestyle.”

That lifestyle recently included the Fourth Annual MarineMax ­Azimut Winter Rendezvous at Ocean Reef Resort in the Florida Keys. The event attracted 32 Azimut yachts (up to 100-footers) and 208 owners, families and guests, some from chilly climes as far away as Ohio and Canada.

“Whether we’re cruising on Biscayne Bay or enjoying cocktails dockside, I love this boating lifestyle."

- Miguel Perrotti, Azimut 50 owner

It was, in a way, a gathering of the clans, since many of the owners had attended other Azimut events and were seeing old friends again. For Todd and Maria Roberti and their Azimut 66, One & Only, the rendezvous was a chance to bring friends and family together. Though the Robertis live in New Jersey, they keep One & Only in Florida to use year-round.

“We really miss it when we’re not aboard,” says Maria, while Todd calls the yacht their “weekend apartment.” They often cruise around Florida and the Bahamas.

The weekend kicked off with a buffet of crab claws in paella, oysters on the half shell and more, all overlooking the marina filled with Azimut yachts. A scavenger hunt saw owners and their guests racing in electric carts around Ocean Reef. Owners mingled on the docks, oohing and aahing over each other’s yachts, comparing features and improvements they’d made, and generally enjoying the company of fellow yachtsmen. Azimut executives and technical experts, including Giovanna Vitelli, vice president of Azimut and daughter of founder Paolo Vitelli, were on hand to answer questions and provide support.

The second day was capped by a “dinner en blanc” with guests wearing white at a formal banquet and dancing to a local band into the wee hours. On the business side of things, MarineMax says at least one Azimut owner said “gotta have it” to a larger Azimut yacht.

As the Florida Keys sun drifted toward the horizon on the last day, engines roared to life and farewells were made among the Azimut clan. One particular promise was made by many, including Perrotti and the Robertis: “See you in Costa Smeralda.” That popular cruising destination on Sardinia, off the Italian coast, is where Azimut is planning a World Owner’s Rendezvous in June.

Others planned to attend the next MarineMax Azimut stateside rendezvous in June, located in Newport, Rhode Island. And, either way, the Azimut owners departed feeling the weekend had been a wonderful “family” getaway.

MarineMax Rendezvous
Thirty-two Azimuts descend upon Ocean Reef.Kelley Barry
MarineMax Rendezvous
A festive final evening.Kelley Barry
MarineMax Rendezvous
A top-notch seaside meal greets guests.Kelley Barry