Cheoy Lee is Off to the Races

The 76 Alpha Express Yacht is being promoted in conjunction with Superstock events.

Cheoy Lee Alpha 76

The Cheoy Lee Alpha 76 Express Yacht is being promoted in conjunction with Superstock events this summer in Florida.Courtesy Cheoy Lee

Cheoy Lee is racing full speed into the world of heart-pounding fun as it promotes its 76 Alpha Express Yacht this summer. The builder plans to feature the yacht in tandem with its 28-foot P1 Panther boat, which recently competed at the Powerboat P1 Superstock race in Stuart, Florida, and is scheduled to compete at upcoming Florida races in Pahokee, Cocoa Beach and Marathon.

“The powerboat market is the perfect audience for Cheoy Lee’s Alpha Series,” says Gene Weeks, a veteran of the racing scene who spent the past two years helping Cheoy Lee design and build the express yacht line. “The boat’s nimble handling is akin to the feel of a V-bottom performance boat.”

Cheoy Lee is hoping that its new marketing concept will help powerboat owners see the value in moving up to an express yacht, which combines speed with comfort for the whole family.

If you can’t get to Florida for the Superstock racing events, then you can check them out on Fox Sunsports TV. Or learn more at