Check Out Lampuga's Electric-Powered Surfboard

The Lampuga electric-powered surfboard is a 31-knot watertoy.

Lampuga’s electric-powered surfboards can hit 31 knots, with swap-out power boxes to extend ride time.Lampuga

Lampuga wants to make its electric jet surfboards as popular as WaveRunners or Seabobs on yachts. While the boards have been around for a few years, the recently restructured German company has tweaked them to go faster and be used longer.

The Boost model is carbon fiber and can reportedly top 31 knots, while the Air model is inflatable (to stow in smaller spaces) and hits 27 knots. Riders control the speed through a handle grip and steer just as with a regular surfboard, by shifting body weight.

Charge time takes two hours, and ride time lasts 45 minutes, according to Lampuga. The power box can be swapped out, to recharge one unit while using another.