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Inmarsat'sFleetPhone gives you the versatility to email, text, and call with a complete set of tracking features.

Inmarsat FleetPhone

Inmarsat's latest satellite communications system combines a fist-size external antenna, integral GPS and a choice of two telephone terminals, the most versatile being the FleetPhone Oceana 800 (approximately $2,400; dealer prices vary). FleetPhone calls cost as little as 55 cents a minute. Send and receive e-mails and small attachments using a USB connection. Text messages are posted via a PC or the Oceana 800 itself using the terminal's small color LCD screen. The system incorporates 505 emergency calling and a complete set of tracking features, including periodic location messages (position, speed and heading), one-touch location messaging, ignition on-off reporting and remote location polling via text message. The terminal also operates in speakerphone mode and, allows connection of up to five corded or cordless handsets. Inmarsat, 1-800-563-2255 (toll free in North America), +1 709-748-4226 (Worldwide); www.inmarsat.com