The Big Drink

Fraser and Y.CO launch initiatives aimed at stopping the presence of plastic in the oceans.

Fraser partnered with CanO Water, whose resealable aluminum cans are an alternative to use-and-toss plastic bottles.Courtesy CanO Water

Plastic pollution in the oceans is a hot point of discussion and distress, especially in destinations where yachts regularly arrive with cases of bottled water, but there are no recycling facilities.

Fraser took a step this past June to address that issue, partnering with CanO Water and encouraging all of its managed yachts to use the company's resealable aluminum cans.

And Fraser is not alone. Y.CO has partnered with S'well, which makes reusable water bottles branded with a yacht's name. Y.CO also just launched its Clearwater Initiative, which includes screening the film Plastic Oceans aboard its managed yachts to raise awareness.

Trying to expand the concept, Y.CO is also launching a public Clearwater page on Facebook, where everyone can share green ideas and tips.

“We don’t have all the answers,” says Hattie Campbell, who handles brand partnerships for Y.CO, “but we’ll have the community set up where people can share answers, and it will be a really great flow of information and ideas.”