Benetti Introduces the Veloce 140

She is the first yacht in the Italian builder's Fast Displacement series.

The Veloce 140 is the crown jewel of Benetti’s Fast Displacement range, featuring an innovative hull form, impressive propulsion technology, and a distinctive design.

This yacht’s most distinguishing feature may be her D2P hull, allowing for an energy-saving, 12-knot cruise speed and the ability to make 20-knots-plus in comfort, also helped in part by massive twin 3,500-hp MTU diesels.

Stefano Righini developed the vessel’s exterior styling and concept, while the interior design comes from RWD-Redman Whiteley Dixon, in collaboration with the owner's designer.

Interior and exterior decor was entrusted to the international architect Joao Armentano.

Her woods used include light gray Tay and a slate-gray Tabu for the flooring. Decorative elements are in a silver lacquer finish and the ceilings in alcantara and white lacquer.

Well-designed, finely appointed and stately in stature, the Benetti Veloce 140 will catch your eye and steal your heart.