Bakewell-White 335 Sportfish

The seductive shapes and perfect proportions of the Bakewell-White 335 refine the sport-fishing convertible's looks.

December 5, 2012
Fluid shapes and subtle transitions redefine the sportfisherman look.
Clearly delineated sections of the superstructure reduce the perception of height and mass.
The heavily crowned foredeck shelters the tenders.
The 335 has room to party on the flying bridge, but the helm at the after edge gives the skipper and observer a clear view of the cockpit.
A spiral stairway gives access to the bridge deck.
The dining area and lounge fill the main deck. Note the under-deck stowage of a tender and two PWCs.
Placing the master stateroom amidships let the designers use the entire beam. Guest’s and crew’s quarters are forward.
This portside elevation clearly shows the second tender garage and power-deployed anchor system.

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