The Bahamas Stop Off and Drop Off Campaign

Stop and Drop Off campaign brings captains and locals together for hurricane relief efforts.

April 11, 2016
Hurricane Joaquin
Hurricane Joaquin devasted the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Courtesy Long Island Runner News

In October of 2015, the strongest Atlantic storm since 2010, Hurricane Joaquin, devastated the Central and Southern Bahamas. The damage to the region’s infrastructure was enormous: at least $60 million in property damage, hundreds of homes destroyed, storefronts and resorts washed away.

The Bahamas Stop Off and Drop Off Campaign supports the combined efforts of visiting captains and local residents to rebuild the Central and Southern Islands better than ever.

Captains sailing to the Central and Southern Islands can donate much-needed tools, supplies and food items in exchange for a free night of slip space.


Thanks to Stop Off and Drop Off donations, the Bahamas have seen renewed construction and restoration in the months following Hurricane Joaquin. Local volunteers across the Central and Southern Bahamas will assist captains in receiving and distributing relief items throughout the islands’ settlement communities.

Hurricane Joaquin, Crooked Island, Bahamas
Crooked Island is still recovering from the devastation that was created by Hurricane Joaquin. Courtesy Lindsay Gigler

Stop Off and Drop Off Campaign Contacts

Long Island

Contact Name: Bianca Major Mobile: 1-(242) 455-3713 email: [email protected] Domonique Knowles Mobile: 1-(242) 464-2482

Baltron Major Mobile: 1-(242) 472-2344


Crooked Island

Contact Name: Michael Carroll Mobile: 1-(242) 457-7038 Phone: 1-(242) 344-2037 email: [email protected] Contact Name: Calvin Ferguson Phone: 1-(242) 376-9770 1-(242) 225-2751 Contact Name: David Daxon Mobile: 1-(242) 464-8210

Contact Name: Kennett Scavella Mobile: 1 (242) 478-1144

San Salvador

Contact Name: Latheria King (Social Services) Phone: 1-(242) 331-2669 Mobile: 1-(242) 464-9205


Contact Name: Michelle Williams Mobile: 1 (242)-427-3800

Contact Name: Patterson Storr Mobile: 1 (242) 452-1516

Contact Name: Kevin Williams Mobile: 1-(242) 477-0900



Contact Name: Charles Bullard (Located in Chester’s, Acklins- North) Mobile: 1-(242) 464-8682 Whatsapp available

Rum Cay

Contact Name: Jennifer Maycock (BTC) Phone: 1-(242) 331-2571 or 72 Mobile: 1-(242) 479-8180 email: [email protected]

Contact Name: Ann Strachan – Principal at Rum Cay School

Contact Name: Kennett Scavella Mobile: 1 (242) 478-1144.

Visit the Long Island Runner News’ Hurricane Joaquin Relief CrowdRise page to donate online, as well.


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