A 130 Mangusta with Humphree Stabilizers

The yacht is the first of its size in North America to install the stabilization system.

130-foot Mangusta quad fin stabilizers
A 130-foot Mangusta is the first yacht of its size in North America to be fitted with the Humphree USA's quad fin stabilizers and quad interceptors.Courtesy Humphree

Humphree USA says a 130-foot Mangusta is the first yacht of its size in North America to be fitted with the company's quad fin stabilizers and quad interceptors.

The news comes at the same time Humphree has announced the introduction of fins for yachts in the 80- to 165-foot range.

According to Humphree, the fins on the Mangusta work alone between 0 and 10 knots. As the yacht goes faster, the interceptors kick in and work in conjunction with the fins.

The installation took place during a refit at Fort Lauderdale’s Roscioli Yachting Center of the 2009 build, which originally had different Humphree equipment installed. The yacht now has Humphree’s active ride control, autotrim, autolist and coordinated turn functions that correct for motion in three dimensions, including when turning at high speed.

“The owner was looking for a seamless stabilization system that would decrease rolling motions at anchor and also provide increased stabilization at full speed,” Sean Berrie, president of Humphree USA, stated in a press release. “We were able to offer an easily installed solution that works at speeds from zero to wide-open throttle while automatically adjusting to sea and wind conditions.”

Is the system noisy? According to Humphree, the power source for the fins is electric and has silent low-power operation, including running all night without the need for a genset.

For more information, visit: humphree.com