Green is the New Black

Ten eco-friendly yacht options to reduce your carbon footprint while on the water.

April 23, 2016

1. Greenline 48

The Greenline 48 proves that hybrid technology is here to stay. Designed by Seaway, she tops out at 14.5 knots, but can hit 23 knots with optional 380-horsepower diesels. With her displacement hull, the Greenline 48 is able to cruise 25 nautical miles at 5 knots in electric mode and 1,000 nautical miles at 7 knots under diesel power.

Greenline 48
. Courtesy Greenline

2. Horizon Vision 74

The Horizon Vision 74 is an upgrade that sports four solar panels atop the pilothouse. While those solar panels aren’t enough to power the entire yacht, they’re able to reduce generator usage and reliance on diesel during the night hours.

Horizon 74
. Courtesy Horizon Yachts

3. Arcadia 85

The Arcadia 85 stands out with her grids of solar cells placed between low-emission glass overhead panels, which rotate with the motion of the boat. Twin 730-horsepower MAN R6 diesels allow the Arcadia 85 to hit top speeds at 16.9 knots with her motors burning at 77 gph. She’s got a theoretical range of 714 nautical miles with a 10 percent fuel reserve.

Arcadia 85
. Courtesy Arcadia Yachts

4. Dream Symphony

Currently in development, the 463-foot staysail schooner Dream Symphony uses carefully selected, tropical, renewable wood chosen by Dykstra & Partners Naval Architects. If she takes to the seas, she’ll surpass Barry Diller’s 305-foot Eos as the largest sailing yacht in the world.

Dream Symphony
. Courtesy DSV

5. Sherpa

Arcadia’s 55-foot Sherpa possesses double-paneled solar cells that generate 3.5 kW of power, enough to power the yacht’s electronics, A/V system, refrigeration, lights, heads and more. She also boasts a pollutant-reducing wastewater-treatment setup and an optional hybrid propulsion system that allows the yacht to cruise at 8 knots with zero emissions. Twin 43- horsepower Volvo Penta IPS600 diesels can push the Sherpa along at a 20-knot cruising speed, with a 25-knot top end.

Arcadia Yachts Sherpa

Arcadia Yacht’s Sherpa

. Courtesy Arcadia Yachts

6. SunCat 46

The SunCat 46 catamaran has motor drive and vector propulsion, two new concepts that work together simultaneously. The yacht is solar powered, so more emphasis on the throttle is needed to compensate for the lack of diesel power. The vector propulsion sideways thrust at low speed.

SunCat 46
. Courtesy Solar Water World

7. Calixas 105

The Calixas 105 trideck motoryacht was designed for environmental stewardship. “One of the criteria that Montie [Twining, Calixas’ cofounder] laid out from Day One was to build the most socially responsible boat that we could,” said naval architect Gregory C. Marshall.

Calixas 105
. Courtesy Greg Marshall Design

8. Safira

The 129-foot Safira is propelled by Schottel Rudder Propeller Azipod drives that are reportedly 20 percent more efficient than a conventional shaft-and-rudder setup. Her 660-horsepower Caterpillar C32 Acert engines can run on 15 percent biodiesel fuel too. The Safira‘s decks, which look like teak, are actually built with Esthec, a composite product that also provides sound insulation.

Nordlund Safari
. Courtesy Nordlund

9. Volta 55

The 188-foot Volta 55 is currently just a concept, but it is being marketed as an energy-optimizing vessel that can go an entire day without using fossil fuel. Studio Yacht Design Rotunno Brussolo brought in a team of architects, engineers and chemists together to create an eco-friendly, zero-emissions, luxury yacht. The designer says the Fuel Cell solution, powered by pressurized hydrogen cylinders combined with Azipod groups, guarantee the sustainability of the propulsion system.

Volta 55
. Courtesy Studio Yacht Design Rotunno Brussolo

10. Amels 188

The Amels 188 is still in the works – scheduled to be delivered in 2018 – is the first Dutch-built yacht to meet new International Maritime Organization regulations for yacht emissions, according to Amels. The 188-foot superyacht will have eco-friendly features such as a hybrid power switchboard, a gas purification system on the generators and heat-absorbing windows to reduce air-conditioning needs.

Amels 188

Amels 188

. Courtesy Amels

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