Zeelander Unveils Flagship Z66

Top speed is projected to be more than 40 knots for the Zeelander Z66.

July 13, 2018
zeelander z66
Zeelander’s Z66 will be the builder’s largest yacht, and has a 40-knot-plus projected top-end. Zeelander

Zeelander has unveiled its new flagship, the Z66. When it launches in early 2019, it is projected to have a top speed of more than 40 knots.

Cor D. Rover worked with the Zeelander team on the Z66’s exterior design.

“Whilst keeping true to the iconic shape, the Zeelander design has evolved,” Leonardo van den Berg, commercial director at Zeelander, stated in a press release. “An S-Shaped deck line, a wider stern and even more curved surfaces.”


Where did Zeelander get the idea for the Z66: From a Zeelander owner who wanted to throw onboard parties bigger than the current flagship Z55 would allow.

Quick Specs
LOA: 66’5″
Beam: 19’7″
Displ.: 42 tons
Top Speed: 40-plus knots

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