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Digital Veneer's limited-edition Tribute Vespa is super suave.

Digital Veneer

There is something undeniably sexy about sleek mahogany Italian speedboats from the 1950s and '60s — it's the nautical equivalent of a Playboy centerfold. That Vespa you're riding around on? Maybe not so much. Enter Digital Veneer and its limited-edition Tribute Vespa. Each bike arrives directly from Vespa to Digital Veneer's facilities, where it is stripped down to bare materials and a high-resolution digital image of real wood is applied by hand (each bike requires approximately 200 man-hours of work). The scooter is then reassembled, the seat is stitched by hand (in any color combination), a limited-edition plaque is added, and the bike is delivered. The whole process takes about three weeks (delivery time is approximately eight to 10 weeks via sea freight, or four weeks via air freight). Digital Veneer offers three Vespa models: the LX 50 ($12,995, shown), the LX 150 ($14,995) and the GTV 250 ($17,995). However, any Vespa model can be veneered. So, if you'd like to go from Vespa vanilla to super suave, visit and pick out your new ride.