X Shore’s Electric Runabout

The X Shore 1 is essentially the boating world’s Tesla Model 3.

X Shore 1
Owners can access X Shore 1’s 150 data points via an app or touchscreen. Courtesy X Shore

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The X Shore 1 is being called the first affordable, performance-minded electric runabout. The 21-footer reportedly has 20-knot cruising speeds and a maximum speed of 30 knots, with a price starting at $139,000 (excluding VAT and other fees). The boat is built with epoxy-prepreg fiberglass and carbon fiber using a female mold, and X Shore is assessing bio-based resins to further lower the boat’s environmental impact.

X Shore 1
The boat is built with epoxy-prepreg fiberglass and carbon fiber. Courtesy X Shore

“Some of the challenges faced were maintaining performance with just one battery, designing a hull that’s efficient and light, and bringing more of the production in-house,” says Jenny Keisu, X Shore’s CEO. She says X Shore overcame these headwinds by using batteries that deliver 3,000 charging cycles, leveraging lightweight construction materials and building a new factory in Nyköping, Sweden. Once online, this new facility could initially produce 400-plus boats per year, a construction rate that would produce further economies of scale.

X Shore 1
The 21-footer reportedly has 20-knot cruising speeds and a maximum speed of 30 knots. Courtesy X Shore

Under the Hood

The X Shore 1 is powered by a 125 kW electric motor and a 63 kWh lithium-ion battery. The latter can be fast-charged to 80 percent capacity in 50 minutes, or it can be standard-charged (via a three-phase socket) in three hours. At lower speeds, a charge can yield 50 nautical miles of range. Boaters can access vessel information and control onboard systems from a networked multifunction display or from X Shore’s app. While both work for checking the boat’s remaining charge, the app is key for setting and controlling geofences and issuing other high-level commands. 

Take the next step: xshore.com

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