WiLder 60 to Launch This Summer

Wider Yachts says the all-aluminum boat is now in build.

WiLder 60
The WiLder 60 can reportedly do 40 knots. Courtesy Wider Yachts

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Wider Yachts in Italy says Hull No. 1 of the WiLder 60 is under construction and on track to launch this summer, with a projected top speed of 40 knots.

The design, by in-house Centro Stile Wider, is being described as a hybrid between a chase boat and a performance cruiser. The platform is customizable, and the draft is about 3½ feet, making the boat an option for cruising in shallow-water destinations such as the Bahamas.

“We all have a wild side, and the WiLder 60 is the wild side of Wider,” Marcello Maggi of W-Fin Sarl, the holding company that owns Wider, stated in a press release. “It represents another groundbreaking step forward by Wider, which, from its foundation, has always sought to challenge the status quo with sometimes radical but always forward-thinking designs and solutions.”

Will there be more WiLder models in the future? Sounds like yes. Wider Yachts says the WiLder 60 will mark not just a product launch but also the launch of an independent brand.

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