Sirena 48: Hybrid Version

The Turkish builder’s entry-level yacht is now available with a hybrid powertrain.
Sirena 48 hybrid
The Sirena 48 hybrid model has twin 213-killowatt electric motors. Top speed: 14 knots. Courtesy Sirena Yachts

Sirena Yachts in Turkey has unveiled a hybrid version of its entry-level motoryacht, the Sirena 48.

The Sirena 48 made its debut at the 2023 Cannes Yachting Festival. Now, the builder is adding an option for buyers to outfit the engine room for silent power on demand without exhaust emissions.

Most of the same styling and features remain from the original Sirena 48, including three staterooms for guests. Sirena Yachts added a coupe-style coachroof where the original version of the boat had an open-air flybridge, for a couple of reasons. First, to create a sportier exterior, and second, to reduce the yacht’s weight and windage so performance and range can be enhanced for the electric propulsion.

The coachroof has solar panels set into it, adding more power for the yacht to use under electric operation.

“The hardtop design is particularly well suited to the hybrid drive system, and offers a remarkable solution in terms of aesthetics while maximizing the number of solar panels,” Sirena Yachts CEO Cagin Genc stated in a press release. “At Sirena Marine, we have been working hard to integrate a robust, meaningful hybrid option for some time. And though we are starting with our latest 48-foot yacht model, we are able to implement the solution on any of the yachts in our range, which runs up to 88 feet.”

Sirena 48 hybrid
Solar panels in the Sirena 48’s coachroof harness the sun to power the batteries. Courtesy Sirena Yachts

The Sirena 48 hybrid has twin 213-kilowatt electric motors for a reported top speed of 14 knots. In silent electric mode, it can draw power directly from the battery bank to cover up to 30 nautical miles before switching on the variable-speed generators.

Sirena Yachts says one typical use case for that setup is a boat owner who wants to make a low-profile departure from the harbor or anchorage without the noise and emissions of a diesel system.

For longer range and more speed, the two generators produce electricity to drive the boat and recharge the batteries. Unlike a diesel engine, these generators can be positioned independently of the yacht’s propellers, reducing noise and vibration on board. When the boat reaches its destination, the batteries should be full again, allowing owners to overnight in total silence. There should be no need to start the generators for more than eight hours, even with the air conditioning on and the galley or audiovisual systems in use, according to the shipyard.

“By integrating hybrid solutions from e-Motion, Sirena Marine is bringing many new benefits to its yachts,” Genc added. “Not only can they offer quieter and more comfortable cruising at anchor and underway, we estimate that a hybrid system can reduce fuel consumption by up to 35 percent and cut maintenance costs by 10 to 15 percent.”

Can owners still choose layouts and styling with the Sirena 48 hybrid version? Yes. And the hybrid propulsion option is now available across all of the shipyard’s models.

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